The Warriors are 48 Minutes Away From History…..Should we praise that or ridicule it?

By fbdavid: The Golden State Warriors are up 3 Games To None against the Cleveland Cavaliers after dominating the Cavs the first two games, and closing out the third game late to hold on for a close win.

I feel like I’m watching NBA Jam out there when I see these two teams play. It’s ridiculous, high scoring games, and the Warriors are always getting the ball on fire, as well as getting that clutch basket or momentum shift that they need to put the game away in their favor. The Cavaliers are getting pushed down to the floor, with the Warriors bolting right past them.

The Warriors can become the first team in NBA History to finish the playoffs undefeated at 16-0 if they can get a win tonight. They are 48 minutes away from doing so, and as I’m writing this it is two hours until tip-off.

It is nice to see the Warriors chasing the record books, and I’m all for history being created, but if this record is achieved, then the mockery of the NBA will continue.

This league is really turning into a joke. A 200 point all star game, no defense being played, and the game changing to focus on perimeter shooting more, less rebounding, it’s flat out ridiculous. Don’t remind me that the Warriors were able to sign Kevin Durant after winning an NBA-record 73 games in the regular season before without him, and that the cap will continue to increase every year, so now the Cavs can explore the Demarcus Cousins trade that they are reportedly considering doing, and have room for him on their team. Honestly, Adam Silver doesn’t want super teams, but he allows the cap to keep increasing so all teams have money to at least make a run at a top-tier player? That’s just encouraging the rich to try their best to get richer.

Back to my point though. We knew these NBA Finals would be Warriors vs Cavs again when Kevin Durant signed with Golden State on the Fourth of July. The Golden State Warriors have three people in their starting lineup that can go out and score 25 points a game, a fourth who can get 10 to 15 points, not to mention they still have two of the best role players in the NBA in Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala who can give you at least 10 points a night. You literally can’t guard this team. It was so predictable seeing them run through the league this year, along with beating multiple teams by 40 points. Yes, you read that correctly. 40 POINTS. They beat more than one team by 40 points. They have kept up this dominance in the playoffs, but it’s hard to watch them play, because you know that there’s a good chance that they can win.

So Golden State, if you win tonight, congratulations. You would complete perfection in the playoffs, and you would deserve to win the Finals this year. But I’m not excited to see a super team win again this year. Cleveland if you win, it’s 3-1 again, and the series continues. If LeBron can get any momentum, nothing is out of the picture.

A 3-1 Lead was overcame last year by Cleveland over Golden State, and we’ll see if this year it could be the beginning of a 3-0 comeback for the first time ever, or the end to a series with a sweep.

Good luck, and may the best (super unfairly stacked) team win.




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