A Bright Future Ahead.



With the Celtics earning a trip to the ECF and earning the first overall pick in the upcoming draft, it is safe to say that this organization has a bright future ahead of them. Lots of young talent, a bright young coach, an experienced former all-star, and an MVP candidate this past season, this is a recipe for success and this Boston fan base has every reason to be excited. Although the Celtics came up short in this years Eastern Conference Finals match up vs Lebron and the Cavs, it is safe to say that the Celtics achieved more than most people thought they would. Earning the number one seed in the East, and making a trip to the ECF was a huge success alone in itself and this organization should be proud of what they accomplished. There is no doubt that the Celtics have many options for this season whether they want to win now or in the future,  lets take a look at some of these options.

Lets start out with the question everyone is asking, what will the Celtics do with the pick. Well, considering Danny Ainge has been in contact with Markelle Fultz multiple times it is safe to say we will most likely be taking the 6’4 shooting guard out of Washington for the number one selection this year. Personally, I love this decision if in fact we do take Fultz. His natural ability on the offensive end to finish around the rim and nail open jumpers is something the Celtics desperately need. On the other end of the court his 6’9 wingspan provides unreal defense potential and it also helps him have the ability to be one of the better rebounding guards in the league. He has the skill set to be an NBA all-star and probably be the face of the league on day, the Celtics wouldn’t pass on a talent like Fultz unless they could get someone who would make them a championship team right away. Not only do we have the number one draft pick but we also have room for one more max deal and many sources say we will use this max deal to sign free agent Gordon Hayward the SF from the Utah Jazz. Hayward had an all star year posting 21.9 points per game, 3.5 assists per game, and 5.4 rebounds per game. With the Celtics making it to the ECF, having the number one draft pick, being in the East, and having Isaiah Thomas coming off an MVP caliber year, it is safe to say that Boston will be a tempting destination for someone like Hayward who is looking to win a ring. Not only will these factors affect Hayward’s consideration in coming to Boston, but also the fact that he played under Brad Stevens at Butler when they were runner ups in the national championship in the 2009-2010 season. A player like Hayward would be a great second option to accompany Isaiah Thomas at the offense end of the floor.

With the Celtics looking to become a powerhouse team it is safe to say that there will be some big moves ahead in the off-season. Some people do forget that big moves mean big trades and there will definitely be some fan favorites up on the trade block this year. Avery Bradley being one of those fan favorites. Bradley is at the peak of his career coming off his best season in green, this being a huge reason why the Celtics may consider moving him because of the trade value he brings. Moving Bradley and some other bench players for an aggressive, class cleaning big man is exactly the move the Celtics need to make if they want to compete with the Cavaliers. Some names in mind are Andre Drummond, Deandre Jordan, or any players that match that physique. However, the Celtics do have a seven foot Center in the Euro League who they will bring in for the 2017-2018 season. Ante Zizic is the athletic, seven-foot center who the Celtics kept overseas this past year to develop his skill set as a rookie. Zizic who was not expecting to play much for the Darussafaka Dogus basketball organization overseas but he ended up starting and blossoming into a star. For a Celtics fan, this is great news because we own the rights to Zizic after drafting him last year and he will provide great potential at the center position.

Although the Celtics have many more options they could take in the off-season this year it is safe to say it is an exciting time to be a Boston Celtics fan.

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